Self-Managed Virtual Private Server

Powerful Computes on enterprise infrastructure with KVM virtualization.

Cloud Virtual Private Servers

Use VPS to gain unparalleled control, increased security, and lightning-fast performance. Upgrade your hosting experience today!

Cloud VM CPU Memory Storage Transfer Monthly Price
Cloud 1 1 Cores 2GB Memory 30GB SSD Storage 2TB Transfer $8 Order Now
Cloud 2 2 Cores 4GB Memory 60GB SSD Storage 4TB Transfer $14 Order Now
Cloud 3 3 Cores 6GB Memory 90GB SSD Storage 6TB Transfer $20 Order Now
Cloud 4 4 Cores 8GB Memory 120GB SSD Storage 8TB Transfer $26 Order Now
Cloud 5 5 Cores 10GB Memory 150GB SSD Storage 10TB Transfer $32 Order Now
Cloud 6 6 Cores 12GB Memory 180GB SSD Storage 12TB Transfer $38 Order Now
Cloud 7 7 Cores 14GB Memory 210GB SSD Storage 14TB Transfer $44 Order Now
Cloud 8 8 Cores 16GB Memory 240GB SSD Storage 16TB Transfer $50 Order Now

Quick Launch

Choose Linux virtual private server from HiFiveHost.
Choose your resources, linux distro right from your clientarea..

Control Panels

HiFiveHost offers a unique hosting experience by providing both a free open-source control panel and a paid control panel, giving clients the freedom to choose the solution that best fits their needs. Whether opting for the customizable open-source option or the feature-rich paid control panel, clients can enjoy tailored hosting solutions with HiFiveHost.

List of Control Panel
Control-WebPanel [CWP] Free
Virtualmin - Open Source Free
CyberPanel - Open Source Free
cPanel/WHM - Paid $22.00 / month
DirectAdmin - Paid $5.00 / month
Plesk Onyx - Paid $20.00 / month

Free cPanel, Softaculous and Backup Storage with our fully managed VPS Server: Seamless Control, No Extra Fees!

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Enterprise VPS Provider

Deploy your service infrastructure on our fully redundant, high performance virtual private servers and benefit from its high reliability, security and enterprise feature set.

Full root access

Unlock Limitless Possibilities: Harness Full Root Access for Total Control!

Customizable configurations

Tailor-Made Performance: Shape Your Hosting Environment with Custom Configurations!

Scalable resources

Grow Without Limits: Scale Your Resources Seamlessly for Unmatched Flexibility!

High-performance SSD

Speed Up Your Success: Experience Unrivaled Performance with SSD-Powered Storage!

Guaranteed SLA's

Confidence in Reliability: Our Guaranteed SLAs Keep Your Business Running Smoothly!

Server Management

For a small fee we offer full server management with the purchase of cPanel/WHM.

Reliable Cloud Services

We provide cloud based enterprise hosting, server and storage solutions of unmatched quality in an exceptional environment. Our numbers speak for themselves.

50+ Engineers

We are a team of highly motivated developers and engineers with a strong background in the cloud hosting and network infrastructure market.

1000+ Customers

Customers around the world rely on our products and infrastructure every day, making us one of the fastest growing companies in the industry.

100+ Servers

We have deployed over three million servers to our infrastructure over the past 5 years. Including storage, cloud and dedicated services.