How to install the hostname SSL certificate on the cPanel services? Print

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The server hostname SSL certificate is needed for secure connections to cPanel services.

The hostname SSL certificate is applied to these cPanel services:-

  • FTP Server
  • Exim (SMTP) Server
  • Calendar, cPanel, WebDisk, Webmail, and WHM Services
  • Dovecot Mail Server

You need to follow below steps:-

1. To install an SSL certificate for your server's hostname, and also onto the WHM/cPanel services, use the following location:

WHM: Home -> Service Configuration -> Manage Service SSL Certificates

2. Check all boxes for all the services, then select the 'Browse Certificates' button:

3. Select the hostname SSL certificate that is VALID from the menu under 'root'. The below example only shows a self-signed certificate. On your server, locate and use the VALID hostname SSL certificate:

4. Once selected, you will see the SSL certificate on the page with green checkmarks next to it:

5. Select the 'Install' button

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